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06 October, 2009

Celebrate Bandra Souvenir - shortlisted submisisons

The submissions that made the short-list for the Celebrate Bandra Souvenir are:

Frenchita – A window into Bandra's Past (Short Story)
Jane Bhandari – A Candle for a Stranger (Short Story)
Jane Bhandari – Bandra on a Sunday (Poem)
K K Puri – Romancing My Girl In Old Bandra (Short Story)
Kankana Basu – NRI (Poem)
Krishnakumar Sankaran –To the Pearl Mother (Poem)
Mira Desai – 115 Carter Road (Short Story)
Rupa Gulab – A Simple Desultory Memoir (Essay)
Natasha Ramarathnam – The 8:57 local (Short Story)
Sulagana Biswas – Bandra Queen (Poem)
Sumana Roy – Untitled (Essay)
Udayan Chakrabarti – Untitled (Essay)
Vasundhara Prakash – Carter Road (Photo)
Vidyavati Chandan – Moods Of Mount Mary (Photo)

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