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16 August, 2004

Hi Caferati friends....

Hi there all Caferati friends,
[and more and more new names are cropping up daily... a very positive sign that there is life on Terra Papiera,
well, salud !

The heavy rain that lashed Mumbai and made me uptail it recently, I was there for two days but cut short the sickening visit due to incessant rain, flooding, mudding and befuddling of senses : am a dry weather man and not seeing the sun makes me slightly 'solatic' [ opposite of lunatic, ahem writers, pl note the invention of a new word] -so in climes like the North East, it would be quite reasonable to see me climbing trees and tearing roofs down barehanded in a fit of madness... if it rains like this. The whole scenario is so alien, words pop off my mind, and pure rambling residue remains. Like froth after a violent squall.

After a heavy meeting at BARC, way out at Trombay, and a hugely relaxing rainless night which saw me walk for two hours nonstop just enjoying the fact that my knees do not yet scream from arthritis and that I can still breathe pure oxygen in Mumbai if surrounded by green cover so near the sea, with the huge mountain beaming benevolently like a giant frozen in a smiling moment, and also discovered that there is a place where by eight o'clock at night, life starts to yawn hugely and drops into a slumber -helplessly. That's BARC campus for you. I love to unwind there, and forget the world. Get do it very often, to share a secret.

Next day business hassles overtook my sense of relief and the dark clouds again gathered up in the sky like so many shameless lumpen elements with ' that' look in the eye... and that's when after finishing a few assignments, I headed towards Andheri West to meet friends. Shannon Melford is a gifted cartoonist, multimedia tycoon and an incredibly talented electric guitarist... spent some quality time with him and Basil whom I have known from aeons before, when the earth was an earthling itself and when Time had not gathered a mote of dust on its face... the usual chais and long walks got our minds loosened up... and words tumbled out as if they were overstuffed marbles leaking from a creaking box.

All said and done, it left a hankering feeling in heart when I came home and did a bit of ryzing to find out that one of my best new friends, a spunky young girl named Jasmina Khanna, lives withing walking distance from where we all were farting around with precious little to do than reminisce about good old days when traffic was sparse on Versova road, and evenings were dangerous due to lack of crowds. Jasmina, by the way, some of the readers -ryze network members, may know, is suffering from cerebral palsy from childhood and hence is paralzyed. Totally paralyzed. And even then she has done her Masters in sociology, is working on computers and planning to go abroad. Am trying to help her out.

What courage !

Would have loved to meet here.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Griffin, you told me this was a lit blog, not personal meandering gossip.

17 August, 2004 10:13  
Blogger sunilrnair said...

hey anonymous!

most of writing is meandering personal musing. and when did Lit turn into non personal musings anyways.

Next time give me your name and would personally invite you to a duel to death on this issue :)

sunil r nair
mad strategist and an insane writer

17 August, 2004 13:03  
Blogger zigzackly said...

Am contemplating using admin privileges and deleteing that comment, but i think i'll let it stay if it provokes discussion and comment.
Evidently someone who knows me, and i have passed this URL around quite a bit. i wish the person had put a name to the post, or at least that s/he'll come back. Would love to see a debate. After all, that's the essence of a living site, of creative people and their views and passions. (Speaking of which, no more views from anyone on our mini disagreement on poetry?)
It's also nice to see the site evolve in directions i didn't forsee or plan on.

17 August, 2004 17:01  
Blogger rats said...

well, well, well.....
writers- insane or otherwise
strategists too
.... and now an anonymous coward.

what is the world coming to ?
and if you are covertly watching this, pray tell me when did musings not be considered literature ?

and i thought i was the rat.

17 August, 2004 20:22  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Mr. Anonymous alias Coward, Tks for making this facetious remark, you belong to the faceless crowd that writes bitter slogans on the urinal walls... before you crawl back into the head-splitting environs of the public loo, let me assert my right to exhibit whatever thought that streak through my mind... you have given me matter worth several posts. Please remain anonymous. Suits me and my supporters here. You should not be reading this, when there are kilometres of public urinal walls awaiting your smelly witticisms.... get to work man/woman/hijra/or whatever critter you happen to be. All the best, may your tribe dwindle into negative prime numbers.

20 August, 2004 23:09  

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