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06 September, 2004

The story so far

Caferati is just over a month old, and we've grown.
From one solitary member nagging everyone else to join in, there are eight on the rolls as of today, with another half-dozen who will hopefully pick up their invites and get blogging soon.
From the stray visits that were the result of the previously mentioned nag emotionally blackmailing people into dropping by, we now average around 25 unique visitors each day, with close to 700 total visits and over 1500 page views over August.
From announcements, we quickly moved to animated discussions, spirited arguments and best of all, original creative work.
We have also been linked to by a few popular blogs, and hopefully, as word spreads (please carpet-bomb your email lists with the URL), that list will grow too.
You'll soon see a bunch of posts from the works read at our last real world meet. Your comments are welcome, as usual, whether or not you're a Caferati member (unless you see no 'Comment' button, which means the contributor concerned has turned comments off, which means s/he doesn't want any).

Invitations to join the blogging team are open to all who ask, subject to a quick vote from the existing members. Take a look at the paragraph of text on the top of the left column, and if you think you'd like to be a contributor, mail caferati at (or contact any of the contributors via their profile pages) to let us know you'd like to join in. read this post.



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