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10 October, 2004

No Games Just Sports

Its a phrase from one of my favourite movies ,well,favourite simply cause it makes me laugh ,where a cheeky Mel Gibson walks his way into Helen Hunt's heart with his charming ways and caniving means...
But what has most importantly struck me is this one phrase from the entire movie-No Games,Just sports.
The context in which it is used there,may have been relevant to the movie,about sellign sporting goods to women who are the more confused and worried of the two known genders of our times.
But if we look at it in a larger perspective ,in relation to our lives ,gender irrespective it would be so beautiful.
Think about it ,we are constantly playing games in our lives,be it in our family ,in our office ,in our social circles.Games that we want to win under any circumstances.The winning streak comes in many forms ,winning over the affection of our family members through bribes and sweet words which otherwise have no weight,that next promotion or raise by inflating our credentials ,even stealing whats due to others.,by being politcally correct all the time for fear of getting the wrath of the boss.
By gaining on the popularity charts amongst our social circles,having the most lavish parites (never mind if it leaves a big hole in our pockets),by potraying to be happy amd making them laugh with stale jokes and false anecdotes.
Now ,what if we looked at life like it were a sport.PLaying just for the fun and pure blissful enjoyment with no end in mind,no ulterior motives,living with family members and loving them for the simple joys it entails.Giving and tolerating in bad times for the sheer statisfaction of it.
Going to office and working for the fiery passion you feel in your belly about the work you do and standing up against unfair means and exploitation for the sake of the general humaities and our own integrity.
Spending time with friends and genuinely being there in their times of need ,for understanding and experiencing the true meaning of friendship.
Wouldnt life be much better and more fulfilling if we played more sports with our lives than games.
If we notice the people who are successful and have a fulfilling life ,we can see that they have played more sports than games in their lives.
Doing what they know best with pure fun and joy ,not always thinking about the end or worrying about the winning in the last lap.Giving it all they have simply because they loved doing it,whether it was loving their loved ones,being there for their friends ,building large organisations ,writing great works of literary geniuses,creating exquisite works of art...
The laurels just followed without exception.We have so many examples around us -Narayan Murthy of Infosys,Sonal Mansingh-the famed danseuse,Anjali Bhagwat-the ace shooter.
I agree that playing games is easier than playing sports .Sports involves a lot of grit and determination ,courage and resilience ,which not everyone in their lifetimes manages to find within themselves.
But still think about it,if we played fairly even in our small circles of influence,it would take us a long way in giving us the feeling of having lived our lives with gratification.
So the next time ,your partner or children want you to stay with them or go for a drive just for no reason ,do it.Dont subsititute these moments with monetary compensations.
And if its the gift you are wanting ,dont look at the price tag,look beyond and understand the feelings and effort that have gone into it.
These are small steps in moving towards playing more sports and less games in life.
Think up your own unique ways of doing it in your everyday lives.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

holy crap, you cannot spell

20 November, 2008 12:16  
Blogger jeffld said...

No games. I never understood what that meant. Maybe because some men are players and those of us who aren't players just don't get it. figuratively and literally. :(

15 April, 2009 04:53  

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