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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

23 December, 2004

Twin Towers

I hold silence in my hands
Near the Wells of Reason
As golden sunbeams sing a dirge
To the victims of virtual reality

Where were the heroes?
Of time, fate and sad yesterdays
As soft petals of sorrow rained down
From burning heavens up above

We tried so hard to run away
From the sweet smell of death
As time seemed to stand still
Before the sceptre of perfect death

Finally, the union of earth and sky ended
And the skies came crashing down
A tormented wind filled the vacuum
Left behind by beautiful dreams and eternal hope




Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so touched by this beautiful poem. Its the vivid description of that fateful day.It was a very scary day for me too.

23 December, 2004 23:15  

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