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11 February, 2005

Caferati's local Googlegroups

We've set up some googlegroups to keep people informed of read-meets and other local events. (This is in addition to the Caferati Updates group that is for general Caferati announcements and the Caferati blog team's private group.

A Googlegroup, for those who don't know, operates like a message board. As a member, you can choose to receive all mails to the group, a daily digest, or simply log on at the site and read messages online. And when you want to mail everyone in the group, all you need to do is mail the group's e-ddress rather than each member's e-ddress.

Here they are, City Name followed by the URL to go to if you want to subscribe.

Bombay, New Bombay, Thane, etc:
Delhi and the NCR area:

Do let me know via email, or in the comments section of this post, if you'd like a group set up for a city that we haven't covered yet.


Blogger kpowerinfinity said...

I sent a join request to the Caferati Bangalore google group and my request was denied. Can I know the reason for the same? Is caferati some sort of a secret society that you have to the members of a brotherhood to join?!!

I had given the link to my blog and I am in general interested in writing and reading what others write. I don't see anything that disqualifies me! If there is such a (hidden) clause, it should be mentioned!

07 August, 2007 14:11  

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