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03 May, 2005

And now that I've left...

and now that i'm on the road...

i miss that which i left behind..

an applecore with seeds sticking out..

a crumpled tissue with some chaat masaala sticking to it...

a riled-up rickshaw wallah who didnt get the late night bakhra he was counting on...

a newpaper, carelessly strewn around the look-before-you-step balcony?

unflushed tea leaves in the kitchen sink?

the scuffed out nameboard on the old wooden door that announces that the landlord is [OUT] not [IN].

A straggly looking cat, who will mew in anticipation until it decides to adopt a new, more reliable human who will share a bit of milk and a bit of food with it, and not just unscrupuluously walk out one fine day..

The local Chinese-wallah.. Who will order his leftover scrawny chicken lollipops after everyone's eaten and gone, and he saves these, knowing that I'll trudge along at 1 AM and eat whatever he dishes out, and be grateful for it?

Maybe I do miss them. Yes, I do, actually.


(Copyright, May 2005 - Pranay Srinivasan)



Blogger a from l said...

Nostalgia tinged with sadness. Very good.

05 May, 2005 13:29  

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