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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

25 July, 2005

For the benefit of termites

it is in the nature of woodwork
to remain fragile, tender chlorophyll
could not have said it better
while feeding the leaves of grass;
slow decay is how it happens, eats
from the inside and crumbles
the inner resolve
like words that scar
and wound the soul

obliterating the man

(c) Ashish Gorde



Blogger khuto said...

it is in the nature of words
to intertwine, across veined paper
a tendril reaching out
through seeing eyes
into the dark recesses
of mind. poetry must go further
ringing surprises at every turn binding the familiar
into unfamiliar shapes
reading ashish gorde
tender-grass chlorophyll
into the termitic obiliteration
quite unexpected
of man himself.
the mind sits up
wondering, where these thoughts
come from, marked with decay,
fallen grandeur,
and a faint ringing
of inchoate loss.

27 July, 2005 04:12  

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