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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

18 July, 2005


i got a label:
on my shoes, sweat pants, tee and the headband
colour cordinated
thirty minutes a day
on a walking machine
that measures
and monitors
my breath, my pace, my heartbeat, my love-life;
walking brisk
watching tv
discussing stocks
and the latest episode
of some woman's mother-in-law
breathing climate control
behind sheets of glass
that keep the biosphere out,
then i move
towards shiny metal
torture machines
i twist, i turn, i flex, i fume;
i nod a hi
to the sixteen year old
ms.perfect designer body
she chitchats about
her botox, her tummy tuck, her enhancements, her parents' divorce;
larger than life
from behind her
arnold the groper
smiles back
a two dimensional pose;
a sweaty drop
teases my forehead
i pause, i think
does this exercise
pump up my heart?


it has to.
i did pay
for it.



Blogger annie said...

really like the flow of most of the poem. It slips at the end, a bit, when you go 'hmmm'. If you can rework the last two lines, it would be really great.

25 July, 2005 11:46  
Blogger Mickyso said...

Humor without rancor, words with armour!

11 February, 2012 16:10  

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