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13 September, 2005

The story (: at the coffee table :) so far

Just realised we haven't posted SatCT updates here so far.

Here, minus the disqualified and withdrawn stories, and in alphabetical order, by author, are the ones selected so far :

[Title, Author, Average rating by selectors]

The Inevitables, Albert Barton, 6.167

Song of the cuckoo bird, Amitabha Mukerjee, 6.750

A Successful Man, Anita Vasudeva, 6.250

Roukas In Bits And Pieces, Anoopa Anand, 6.000

Fortune Cooking, Arjun R Kolady, 7.167

Finding / Losing, Arundhati Mundlay, 7.500

The Badshah of Blah Blah, B.K Sreedhar, 6.750

The Long Shirt, Deepak Morris, 8.750

Travelling Ticket Examiner, Govindraj Umarji, 8.000

Reverse Sweep, Krishna Jambur, 7.000

Five Litres Of Kerosene, Minakshi S Desai, 7.000

Slipping Sands, Mitali Salian, 6.000

The Last Time, Namrata Sathe, 6.125

Sororicide, Paritosh Uttam, 6.250

A wedding in Multan, Prashant Poplai, 8.625

The Journey, Sachin Gandhi, 6.000

The Snake And The Stick!, Salil Desai, 7.000

The Void, Sandhya A Ranade, 6.400

Opportunity Knocks But Once, Sheela Jaywant, 8.600

The Scholarship Papers, Titash Neogi, 6.000

Maitreyi, Usha Sitaaraam, 6.350

Zemma And Oran, Vidhya Vaidhyanathan, 6.875

The Fat Man, Vikram Rajan, 7.250

Reluctant Revelations, Vineeta Malkani, 6.000

As Real As It Gets, Vinod G, 6.450

While we work with these authors, there may be some drop-outs. So we're holding on the next 10 to 15 selections for a short while. Keep in touch!



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