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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

25 October, 2005

sky people

i used to be like you
wary of those
wayside wanderers,
of their manic mutterings,
their tattered appearance
was distasteful.

i would cringe too,
exactly as you just did,
afraid to catch their germs
hated the smell
that would linger
long after our paths crossed.

but i’ve been touched
by the Blue one now you see,
and i guess most of you
who now cross my path
miss me completely.

you saw me stare at the sky,
bump into street lamps,
you rolled your eyes,
and crossed the street.

you spotted me,
in deep conversation
at crowded coffee shops
and thought me strange.

you did not see him at all!
all you heard was muttering,
you thought too much coffeecino
had driven me crazy.

you bumped into me
at the bookshop,
my nose buried
in a brand new
book of love poems,
you moved away
a patronizing smile later.

you don’t know,
how he smells of nutmeg,
of snow lillies,
and the elusive clean
of new books.

i am sorry i missed
the questions
your eyebrow raised.
would i really care
if the sun and the wind
were roughing up my body?

the stars in my eyes,
and the occupant
of my heart, leave no room,
for anyone or anything else.



Blogger Ozymandias said...

This is quite good, I say. Not as clear as the poem on aging you read out at the Navi Mumbai readmeet, but then I have no ear for mystery or vagueness.
Do write some more non-poet friendly poems!

25 October, 2005 22:37  
Blogger annie said...

if such
is the touch
of the Blue one...
when you are done
bumping into doors,
bring me the lore;
come wandering into my town
to pass on the fullness I do not own

26 October, 2005 15:36  
Anonymous pawan said...

Real good stuff!!

27 October, 2005 12:38  
Blogger suniti said...

Lovely lovely poem :)
More please !!

25 November, 2005 09:02  

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