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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

20 March, 2006

A Private Play

As the curtain lifts we are on a bed under the stars. The bed is in the center of the stage. In the background are fields of corn stretching to the horizon. There is no light anywhere except for the soft moonlight.

[The night’s shadow comes to rest between her breasts. She looks at me with eyes full of an erotic rage. An eroticism that never fails to make me swell with the lust of a love waiting to take shape between her loving hands. It is a gentle violence between us. The playful nipping, the sudden bites, the pinpricks of soft slaps, and the twisting limbs fighting for domination in a game as old as Gaia’s wet lips.]

HER: Do you think we can go on loving like this? This intense urge to devour everything the other has to offer. Won’t this burn and scar us forever?

ME: Nah, I do not think so. But even if we burn, isn’t it better to burn like meteors, painting a beautiful nude across the night sky rather than spend a lifetime trying to stoke the fires of a dead passion?

[She thinks about this. But before she can answer I pull her closer and wrap my mouth around the nipple of her left breast, my favorite one. I love how the nipple tastes in my mouth. She sighs with a wet longing, a long and deep sigh coming from the depths of her soul, smelling of a love she wants my mouth to smell and my nose to taste.]

HER: Darling, how many lifetimes will I have to suffer before I encounter you again? For that random instant where I’ll be waiting with a raw hunger for you?

ME: I could fashion my answer into a verse that would be the greatest love poem ever written. But my dearest, words are ephemeral, lasting not for an instant in the eternity of our souls united by a love for which words have not been discovered yet.

HER (smiles): You and your poetry! I could rip out your organs one by one but you will still want to write poetry with the blood that is gushing out.

[She slides down and bites me on my chest, next to my right nipple. I gasp in recognition of that subtle mix of pain and pleasure that always comes as a surprise. I grasp her slithering hair and pull her up. She cries out but before the cry can escape the confines of her throat my mouth is on her’s. Her tongue shoots up into my mouth like a diver coming up for air. We kiss like it is the last kiss we will have before reality chases our unbelievable dream away. We stop after only a minute but which feels like our collective lifetime.]

ME: I want to rise and fall inside your perfect depths. I want to taste you as you explode like a star going supernova. I want to lay my head between your breasts and feel the gentle rise and fall your breathing makes. I want to whisper my dreams into your ear while you sleep and somehow feel that you dream those whispers as telepathic poems from my heart. I want to cleanse your every fear with all the love that is seeping out of each and every single pore of my body.

HER: I wish I could dissolve in the glistening wetness of your eyes while you say these things to me. I wish there was some way to tattoo these words onto my heart so that they will always be there as guiding lights through our every lifetime together until even eternity breathes her last.

[She hugs me tight, squeezing me as if wanting to feel all the love that we have for each other at once. I kiss her hair and hug her back, wanting to crush her between my arms and thereby distill the love we have into the purest liquid the universe has ever seen or tasted.]

As the curtain falls we are still interlocked, blissfully ignorant of the bright blue of a slowly advancing dawn to the east.