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01 November, 2006

A word in your ear

Interdoocing: Blogolepsy -

This is not about displaying our own writing. (Though, truth be told, we work hard at stringing words together. And, now and then, we admit to being pleased with the results.)

This blog will search for and promote excellent creative writing on the web, with a wee bias towards the blogosphere.

What we'll link to: poetry, fiction, graphic stories and comics, great criticism, hyperfiction, lyrics, interactive narratives. Occassionally, we may link to essays, rants and opinion pieces unconnected with writing, but only if we think they're extraordinarily good. We'll also point to opportunities for writers, as and when we hear of them.

Tip-offs welcome. Leave a comment, or mail us.
We (Uma, Falstaff, J.A.P., Megha, Krish, Neha and yours truly) haven't exactly been regular with updates there, but p'raps your patronage will prod us into some activity. :)

Do drop by and let us know what you think. And pass on to interested souls.




Blogger John said...

Hi Peter,

How does one submit? Or do you use your discretion in selecting. Or do you have an email where we can submit links to our "excellent" pieces which you would like to include?


02 November, 2006 11:46  
Blogger zigzackly said...

There are no formal submissions. But tip offs are welcome.

We&madash;each one of us&madash;will use our own discretion when we select.

No common email address. Leave a comment in the first post there, or on any post, for that matter. Or get in touch with any of the bloggers directly.

14 November, 2006 01:25  

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