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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

14 January, 2007

My first love poem

"This night I shall dream of you
and potatos and rafflesia.
This night as all nights,
I long to kiss your tin-plated lips.
In my dreams we fly
on the dodo of love,
skimming vast continents
of postage-stamps and nostrils.
The seas shall never separate our gins.
Its waters wave like small bearded angels
greeting us from afar.
We shall feast on chocolate-coated bandana
and tend to an exodus of love.
Adorned in white silk,
crown'd in cabbage
mounted on an alligator,
thou art my queen.



Anonymous Titash Roy said...

The poem impresses the poet's vivid imagination of rare flowers and wild nature.Verses reflect deep sense of belonging to the feeling of love...

28 January, 2007 08:21  

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