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13 September, 2007

Coming soon: the Caferati blog, Version 2

As some of you—very few, alas—have noticed, we have temporarily closed the Caferati blog.

Why? Well, we found that some posts on the blog had never appeared on the forum. It seemed to us like some members were now completely ignoring the forum that is this blog's home. Many others hadn't posted for over a year. And we think that some of what was posted is really rather far from being the best of Caferati.

So we did a rethink.

The blog will soon reopen in a new avataar, one that will bring back its initial focus, to be a Caferati showcase to the world. The moderators, with a selected team of curators/editors* (which we will announce soon), will select what we think is the best writing from the forum and post those to the blog. (The posting page on the forum has been changed to notify all members about this.)

In other words, the only writing that will appear on the blog from now on will be writing that has been selected and voted for by the curating team.

Of course, since many of the original members were invited to the blog because we liked their writing, we're sure you will continue to read work by some of your favourites.


Peter (and also for Annie and Manisha)


Meet the new curators of this blog:
Ashwini Ailawadi
Rohinton Daruwala
Peter Griffin
Priyanka Joseph
Manisha Lakhe
Sridala Swami
Anita Vasudeva
Annie Zaidi

Posting will start soon.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whee! No more johnwriter! Thank you! Thank you!

11 November, 2007 03:28  

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