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13 November, 2008

Poetry with Prakriti Poetry Contest

This just in from the Prakriti Foundation, about their contest, part of their annual Poetry with Prakriti festival. We're only helping spread the word. For more info, please email Prakriti Foundation.

As part of the festival, Prakriti Foundation invites you to participate in the Poetry Contest. Rules of the contest are:

Age Group: Contest is open to resident citizens of India aged 16 years and above

Jury: Distinguished panel of three judges

Prizes: Three cash prizes of Rs.10000/-, Rs.7500/- and Rs.5000/- each

Closing date: 15th December 2008. Results will be declared on 30th December

No. of entries: One poem for each contestant

Entries will be accepted in both typed hard copy form, or soft copy sent by e-mail. All entries have to be accompanied by a declaration of originality and automatic disqualification will occur should a fraud be detected by the committee.

E-mail your entries to

or send your entries to
Prakriti Foundation
Block C, 9th Floor
599 Anna Salai
Cathedral Garden Road
Chennai 600 006
Phone: 044 32990005

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Blogger Sharanya said...

I checked the website, but they didn't seem to say anything about a topic or form of poetry. I suppose there are no restrictions?

13 November, 2008 20:11  

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