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18 February, 2010

Caferati Listings - A Resurrection and a Change in Format

As you may have noticed, busy lives notwithstanding, I haven't been able to send out a Listing edition for quite a while now. More than six months, to be imprecise.

A day job is one reason (I work for a magazine), but not the only one. Putting things into the format, fact-checking, getting enough together to put a decent edition together, writing the little introductions (yes, even that); all these things take time. And with me being one of the world's finest exponents of the fine art of procrastination, it meant, well, that things didn't get done.

So, rather than kill Caferati Listings off, I'm going to experiment with changing the format. Rather than a digest of at least ten writing opportunities, I'm going to send out a mail every time I spot a decent lead.

There will never be more than one email a day; more likely it's going to be about one a week.

Other things remain the same: we decide what we want to post; we are happy to take recommendations, tip-offs and submissions (see this page for details on how to recommend and submit, please); Caferati’s editors are the only ones who will have access to the email address you use to subscribe to Caferati Listings (and we will never sell, rent or lend this list to any other person or organisation); and we won't charge you for Listings.
Cheers then, and you'll hear from us in the new format very soon.

Caferati Listings is a free newsletter from Caferati that goes out simultaneously to subscribers via Google Groups and Yahoo!Groups. Caferati Listing sends out information of use to writers, including writing opportunities, contests, jobs and calls for submission.
More information about Caferati Listings, including how to send in tips, suggestions and your own listings on this page.
Listings come from submissions, reader suggestions (always attributed), tips from friends (likewise), newsletters we subscribe to, posts on our forum and what we fondly call "research." We present them in good faith. This cannot be construed as an endorsement. Your are advised to satisfy yourself on bona fides before you submit anything to anyone included on this list. And that includes us.
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