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28 April, 2011

CaPoWriMo 2.28

Write a poem about a place you have visited as a tourist.

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Anonymous shrutanne said...

a poem about a place you have visited as a tourist


The vigour of mountain air

wraps you

Cold breezes frolic and play

with you, strawberry fields

hug you in an embrace

Prim cottages in a row grow

red heart strawberries, pulpy

and jelly-like to my touch

I pluck them, eat them

cannot get my fill of them

basklets and baskets full of them.

Their sweet, sharp juice

seeps in like tangy mountain air.

Later, in out-of-the-world

picturesque, fairyland you

I bask in open terraces

gotging on the delicacy

of fresh strawberry and cream

06 May, 2011 19:44  

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