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01 April, 2013

CaPoWriMo 4

So, intrepid poets, CaPoWriMo* starts. Are you ready for edition 4?

 Annie's posting a challenge / trigger / cue a day on our Twitter feed, @caferati. That's 30 mini-exercises for you.

We'll be posting them here, one each day. They're scheduled to auto-post at midnight, one a day, so keep coming back here for the newest prompt. (Look for the #CaPoWriMo tag.)

You can come back, read the prompt for the day, then go away and write a poem or three. (And if you like, come post a link (or the whole poem if you choose) in the comments of the post that prompted it.

*For those who came in late, see last year's post.

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Blogger Priyanka Dey said...

Hi, my first time here. I was wondering how this would work. I mean how would we enter the challenge and how'd others here know our links?

Thanks a ton, Annie! Brilliant effort! Cheers!

01 April, 2013 13:34  

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