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24 January, 2005

Caferati at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival - 1

Caferati swept the top three prizes at the Orange-Crossword SMS Poetry Competition we linked to here. Perhaps, as Manisha says, it's because we had prior experience? :) Anyway, here are the winning entries:

tis d wkend;wot plans?
nt sayn d nyt's alpyn
& wintr rustls twixt d sheets.
nt sayn d windO stares insomnac,@ d hiway.
nt sayin i w8,dd u 4get?
only askn-
tis d wkend;wot plans?

© Annie Zaidi

Cud v b like that *ship
Boldly c-king cvlizashuns
So v don't disturb
Old ways of life?
Let's just love and leave

© manisha lakhe

cellular creature
now part of my D.N.A.
gladden my heart: beep.

© Peter Griffin


Blogger khuto said...

Wow!! Kudos to all three of you for sweeping it!! And really gr8 poetry too, absolutely well deserved specially annie's!! three cheers to zigzackly for motivating ca48i!!

incdntlly i notc tht tis tusdy noon almst & no cmmnts yt on dis xclnt sms przs pst frm mondy nght. is trffc to cfrti drppng or s it jst tmdty?

25 January, 2005 10:20  
Blogger Ink Spill said...

Wht wndr 2 c
Poetry cast off
billowing skrts
n dance in


25 January, 2005 12:05  
Blogger Unknown said...

Seeing how much Peter uses his mobile, I can understand his cellphone being part of his DNA.

Great work Caferati! Enjoyed the poetry in g-strings!


25 January, 2005 12:18  
Blogger fallen into reality said...

i ain't an sms person. i like long, winding prose! its hard for me to even read it, especially the first one. someone please re-render it in good ol' plain english. thank you!!

congratulations, you guys!

26 January, 2006 09:20  

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