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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

24 January, 2005

The Dance

Its how well you can dance, my son.
Do you know how to do the two-step?
Know when to take
two steps forward when he moves back?
two steps back when she comes closer?
Perhaps twirl out sideways to stay sane,
Swirl in tighter for comfort.

Waltz on your dreams,
And stay in a Foxtrot box by day.
Salsa to feel your freedom,
Jive with Joy.
Just dance.

Remember, it takes two to Tango
And sway slowly through the tough times –
the music will change.
Its easy, my boy.
It’s only about how well you can dance
while you listen to
Life’s music.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done...NYC

29 January, 2005 20:13  

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