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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

19 August, 2004

am i ?

am i the only one
that comes and goes
and leaves behind
terrible poetry,
on tippety toes ?

hog that i am
i need more lime
than light
more praise
than fight.
for heaven's sake
a comment atleast
if you dont
want to write

an empty blog
does, i am afraid
no justice
to a coffee stain



Blogger zigzackly said...


you are, apparently,
the only one with
reserves of rhyme,
concise, full of pith,

saying in so few words
what i struggle to
express on my notepad
but, no matter what i do
i can't get more than
doggerel and nonsense verse
out of my pen
as i sit here and curse.

reason enough, methinks,
justifiable cause,
to not post my poems, but
just come here and read yours.

20 August, 2004 01:35  
Blogger Michelle said...

I liked the other two I have read better.

That poem zigzackly is beautiful, and I totally agree.

20 August, 2004 04:49  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Hi Rats
that's a whopper of a good poem, pretty spontaneous and crisp indeed -just one phrase the 'terrible poetry' smacks of a sense of modesty out of place here. Your poetry is good !



20 August, 2004 20:55  
Blogger rats said...

thank you raizel, max

and zigs, wow!!!


21 August, 2004 11:28  
Blogger annie said...

no, you are not.
not the only one.
not for long; but for some
courage is longer in the coming
and patience, a curse
the sun brings, instead of light.

22 August, 2004 00:26  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Hi Rats,

An empty blog,
with your pen running wild
is as unlikely as a volcanic burst
leaving a few leaves untouched
on some solitary tree

When you're absorbing the light
the lime will seep in
Cool cats will not fight
eternity will creep in

you certainly hog
this erstwhile blank blog
every reader mentally broke
may soon start to croak...



23 August, 2004 07:26  
Anonymous Nidhi said...

you are NOT the one
who comes and goes
and leaves behind terrible poetry

You are, however,
the hog
that demands justice
for the coffee stain
and not
for the poor pen
that puts up
with your tantrums.

27 May, 2005 15:28  

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