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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

06 September, 2004

Marital Blues 1

We fought
sitting together on that journey.
The old lady opposite
thought we were married, because
we fought
sitting together on that journey.
They must be married.
See, they’re fighting.

1996 (read at September 5th reading)



Blogger junoesque said...

balancing budgets
sweaty, houseworked brows
superwoman act
while he plays the field
when will she realise
the futility ?

kid happened by accident
it doesn't happen no more
barren, soulless existence
tom tommed as the ultimate dream
can a corpse be lugged forever ?

lovers, partners, strangers, enemies
look how it morphs into strangeness
promises, vows, pledges, troths
dissolved in to bitter anger
where did it all go ?

07 September, 2004 01:20  
Blogger khuto said...

Hi Peter:

This is not really a comment -- just that Rats
pointed out Caferati and I thought I should join . . .

How does one join caferati? I wish
I could attend the too-much-coffee sessions but
may not happen for a while.

Here is something I wrote today. . . perhaps it
can go on to the Caferati page? Also, I may be
in a position to send in a short story!!


Amit Mukerjee (a.k.a. khuto)


A menacing darkness brews in the air
Outside - dark clouds, grey, austere,
Pushing, shoving, jostling for space
Glaring inside the window, glaring at me
Glaring inside my skin, into my face
Glaring at me, waiting by the phone
Waiting for your ring which never comes.
The clouds roil closer, hovering tight
Crushing, crumpling, the evening light.

Night deepens -- the clouds gnash silently.
The branches of the sharifa hold them off,
Leaves unmoving, taut with fear.


With a jagged startle horizons spark out
The phone lights up, the window rattles
Deep thundersounds flutter
Into still soundlessness. A spent lethargy
Tumbles down, dragging behind it
A vague unease, something unfinished.
Tense, asleep.
A menacing darkness brews in the air. . .

07 September, 2004 17:04  
Blogger zigzackly said...

You'll need to send me an email address to which i can mail an invitation.

07 September, 2004 18:32  

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