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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

06 September, 2004

Steaming back through time

A couple of fragments of paper i find,
to relate the musings of my mind
Feelings i have, kind and unkind
including angst and hysteria undefined.
if my life i were to rewind,
(a privilege i would not mind),

a pandora's box it actually is...
a cola drink that's lost it's fizz

an uponened disaster in the making,
a conquered people for the taking...

stumbling through slurred words of passion,
seems to be the running fashion

a kind of stupor i seem to be in,
exemplified by my inane grin

evolved from the obsessive in my kin and kind,
a lacklustre orchestra conducteth my mind

widely revoken am i,
wail i can't, not even try

i must break free, i must, i must...
to this blessed release, my deliverance i do entrust

a flicker of life shines forth from my candle of hope
or possessed i will be, and with the grim reaper I shall elope