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11 October, 2004

Gulliver's Travels

It’s about the times when I was a year old in the teen world.

Although living in civilized man's version of jungle, I was lucky enough to have some greenery soothing my eyes. Daily on my way to the math tuition, I had to cross a field where grass grew without any fear. I remember how I chose a single path to tread on. Since I wanted to create a track between the grasses, a mini road! By trampling the grass daily, I had somewhat succeeded in my plan and wanted to cement it further.

The rainy season was another favorite. After the rain gods had done their duty and things settled down, I loved watching the rainwater flow to its unknown destination. It was not the mystery of its fate that caught my fancy; I wasn’t old enough to philosophize. The rainwater rivulets attracted me. Oh! How a stream flowed along the plains, traversing the ups and downs of the sand dunes to merge with another of it's kind - gaining strength. I nearly launched a shipping company floating paper-ships!

Plants-in-pots. That is all of a garden, people living in the civilized man's answer to pigeon cages can afford. I used to sit beside the 'money' plant and look through the camouflage of leaves. What I saw inside was a different world altogether. Snails and other insects roamed freely, going about their daily chores. Occasionally when watering the plants the snails would retread in their shells. They had their hideouts, homes, shelters, ponds and mini hills.

So, what's the POINT!?

Well, now when I probe my tendencies I feel that all these three accounts have one thing in common and that is my inclination to see a mini-world in things. Treading the grass to create a path was about a mini-road; the streams in rainy season linked to seeing mini-rivers and the money plant being a mini-world. Maybe imagining all this gave me a feeling of being larger. A Gulliver in this world without even dreaming!

Or perhaps it was the natural beauty of these things that visualizing them in their miniaturized form was so wonderful. Not that I don't enjoy them now, but after transmigrating from the teen world into adulthood, I am repressed from taking part in their activities.

So if you don't get the point or can't appreciate it, try it! Try being in those situations. Transport yourself to the teen world. See if you can explain their beauty in a better way.


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