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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

15 October, 2004


Clean Page

Please take your
divine eraser
and slowly
but surely
rub out
that I think
that I feel
that I believe
is me.

gently blow on the paper
so the shavings are gone too.

I don’t want
I don’t need
or anything
called me


Mixing Colors

When I dipped my red paintbrush
Into your paint pot of white,

I saw you smile.

I also watched the red
Swirl lazily in the white.

You began to laugh.

I spattered more red in
Brashly, just to be unruly

You just shook the pot.

I saw then -- the blues, greens
and my red, all swirling inside.

You made me see.

My brush is white now
But it paints rainbow colors.

I smile the same smile as you.



Blogger sunilrnair said...


The first one leaves me unsatisfied. The pain is not out yet and the poem yearns for more depth.

the second one is visual.

more more!!

sunil r nair

15 October, 2004 10:58  
Blogger annie said...

Clean Page... I wish I'd written that one :)

15 October, 2004 11:14  
Blogger zigzackly said...

Worth the wait. :) Encore!

15 October, 2004 12:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mixing colours truely brings a to read some more.

16 October, 2004 11:42  

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