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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

12 October, 2004

New poems from Silhouettes

Two Words

Wordy rhapsody,

Soul searching,

Captive minds,

Seeking avenues,

Emotions burnt,

Deathwish follows,

Ultimately death,

Learnt flying,

Touched skies,

Now laden,

Kissing ground.


Wonder what your hands feel like,
If I were to just hold them and run my fingers on them.
Wonder how your hair would fall,
If I were undress them in the bold sunlight.
Wonder if the brown of your skin,
holds the smell of wet earth.
Wonder if I were capture your words,
And bottle them in a little transparent jar,
would they shine like the fireflies of Konni?
Wonder if the rivulets of water that slide off your back,
acquire the salted air of the seas. Wonder if your confused breath,
breathes life into a million questions in your mind.
Wonder if somewhere along now and eternity,
would get you up and walk off into the midday haze
Wonder if the edges of your lips would curl into a smile,
or do they jump into a laughter.

Wonder if you realize all of this and think yourself to be divine.

Wonder if I realise I am immortal in your presence.

Wonder if you would be human when real.

Wonder if I would be myself.

Wonder if you are still alive in that air.

Wonder if I am breathing.

Wonder if death is like this.

Wonder if being reborn could be explained.

Wonder if Gautama was in love.

Wonder if Krishna was loved.

Wonder if…

Why not?

All questions need not have an answer!

Coffee Shop Blues

Orange predominantly in my mind,
Even the cheery Barista has an orange tee.
There are no deep meanings within this verse.
It is written for having had an urge to write,
And then not having anything to write about.

You know that these things do happen,
When they do happen, there is a fear.
Paranoia of losing my words, my voice.
Of being like that young man at the signal
Clanging the bowl, mumbling words,
That never formed syllables.

I have been seated here for an hour, in this coffee shop by the sea.
Orange swirls around like the sunset.
Some three hours away.
Am I having coffee shop blues or is it just one of those days?

(c) Sunil R Nair, 2004.

Please do comment. Please do tell me what you feel.

Sunil R Nair



Blogger manisha lakhe said...

wonder who she is?

13 October, 2004 11:22  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Hi Manisha,

If I were Sunil I would get tickled pink.

Reminds me of a highly successful street brat who used peddle flowers.
When some hotshot advertising man asked him the secret of his success without batting an eyelid the brat said : " When I see a married man, I ask him. ' flowers for the girlfriend', boss?' and when I see a young dating couple I ask : " Flowers for your wife, sir?"

You should've been a career diplomat. Posted at Karachi.

Ah the diffuse subtlety you disperse in your scathing comments. Master of the dark arts. Or ark darts?


13 October, 2004 23:29  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Hi Sunil,

This comes as an afterthought -fearing that my comment on Manisha's comment may seem oblique to you.

Well earlier I said Musings was the best poem amongst this megawatt trio, but Coffe Shop Blues seems to possess a visual quality rather cinematographic and yet mute, simultaneously.

It seems to unfurl leisurely as an exotic flower the more one reads it.

Bravo !


13 October, 2004 23:56  
Blogger annie said...

and i have always wondered too... whether gautam was ever really in love. i notice that those who speak of universal loving are often those who cannot fall in love in time... and then, sometimes it is too late

14 October, 2004 15:50  
Blogger junoesque said...

your fave ..the twist rules...and musings is tactile...i can touch it....

17 October, 2004 18:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my brush paints bright orange Sun in blue sky....

21 October, 2004 12:24  

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