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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

11 October, 2004


Back then when i was immortal
When i knew i wouldn’t - couldn’t - die
when we were inseparable
when we loved one another, you and i
             (do you remember that far back?)
we were wild. and so amusing
we had it all sorted out
more used to winning than losing
more willing - and able - to shout
             (now we talk in decorous undertones)
you’ve put on weight...i’ve lost some
and some hair as well
no longer pretty, not quite handsome
why exactly, we couldn’t tell
             (how deceptive, these telephones)
outside “our place” it’s warm and bright
but the conversation’s strained
not enough in common to start a fight
it might as well have rained
             (remember those silent walks in the rain?)
i found your jokes not as amusing
and somehow, i couldn’t make you laugh
             (Lot’s had changed, but then, so have you and i)

Read at Manisha's, October 9th



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