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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

19 October, 2004

SMS verse

I hug your indifference tight;
Trying to comfort
my tired nights.
Our fire leaves my soul cold;
lashes wet.
I am still defrosting
from the time
we last met.

--- Read on Oct 16, Caferati Meet, New Delhi



Blogger Max Babi said...

Hi Yamini,
very intriguing poem-
the oxymoronic juxtaposition
of words forces one to read it
again and again.
Superb work.


20 October, 2004 11:50  
Blogger zigzackly said...

Lovely. My eye stumbled over "to comfort / my tired nights" but overall, it communicates much with so little. My favourite kind of poem.

23 October, 2004 20:21  

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