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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

28 November, 2004

Final Light

The auditorium is huge. It is an ocean of space built in three levels. Diffused lighting lights the whole place. The light makes the space expand further, pushing the corners in and masking the details. The light lacks quality but makes up with its evocative display of vast space. The stage is the focus of the brightest lights. It shimmers like a mirage. The curtains hide in the corners like nervous stagehands, streaked with fine dust. And it is totally quiet. Quieter than even an empty house. The silence covers everything like cold dew. It drips from the dangling microphones, it fills the chairs flowing in like waves and it gives shape to the shallow shadows hiding under the seats.

I’m lying in the center of the stage, stomach ripped open. My fingers clutch the intestines crawling out of the jagged hole. I want to scream but the silence is on me too. It covers my mouth with a dry kiss and the screams struggle at the back of my throat. I do not want to fight it. I want it to engulf me. I squeeze my intestines harder.

Everything explodes.

Space expands and then contracts into a thin but intensely white line. I close my eyes and embrace Death.

(final part in a trilogy of short pieces loosely based on the themes of light and death)


Blogger Ubermensch said...


28 November, 2004 21:14  
Blogger khuto said...

wow! stunningly beautiful. the contrast as the second paragraph opens hits you powerfully. . . the "totally quiet" seems somewhat colloquial in so elegant a piece.

30 November, 2004 05:01  
Blogger Anil said...

ubermensch: Thank you!

khuto: Thank you..and now that you point it out it that phrase does seem a bit colloquial...I guess 'totally' does not add anything extra to that sentence.!

30 November, 2004 14:03  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Very visual and poetically graphic,
Anil. It's not easy to write such a
well-focused short piece !

cheers !

01 December, 2004 10:30  
Blogger Anil said...

Max: Thank you :)

01 December, 2004 16:02  

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