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24 November, 2004

A bit more....of regional poetry

This should have been written as a comment in reply to my fellow-blogger Arundhanti, but for some quirky reason I am here... might as well the best I can.

And there is a reason too. I had done a painstaking translation of a modern Gujarati ghazal, and it got deleted from the caferati board. Rather depressing.

Well, Urdu/Hindusthani [let us not squibble over the epithets] throws up some hugely intriguing shairs/couples. Having watched the re-digitalized Mughal-el-Azam, I am in the mood to write a bit.

Aparna, a sensitive singer and one who loves Urdu despite Marathi being her mother tongue had sent me by sms a fitting reply to a sort of shair in English, two lines saying something similar to 'flowers never bend with the rainfall' which occurs in a song by Simon and Garfunkel.

Here is that massive missive :

Gul-se lipti titli-ko girakar dekho,
Aandhiyo[n] tum-ne darakhto[n]-ko giraya hoga !

I get goose pimples, writing this.

Rough translation :

hey you power-crazy winds who may have felled huge trees, show me how you separate the love-crazed butterfly from the flower....

Cheers !