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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

22 November, 2004

did you?

did you know?
that behind every sigh
is an unanswered reason why

people mottle into greys and blues
and why fictional sob stories often turn true

that under each crushed fallen leaf
you may find a spider's web

a overturned fiasco
for you may have just erased a creature's bed

that in every misty-eyed deer
you will find the ode of a fallen mate

who was laid seige to by braggarts in a stupor
and was felled by their inanimity and the cruel twist of fate

that in every drop of morning dew
you will find a whispering of a star

that deigned to lie there at your sodden feet
because you could not admire it from afar

that pandora's box was not to be opened;
it was only a test of temptation

that a flowing honest river of life
is not to stain or pollute;

it houses now, the graves of a million drinkers
a cesspool of filth and a mire of refuse...

that a piece of wood fashioned into a chair
is not to be fought over;

it now resembles a design of the godly powers
that is used to lord us over...





Blogger Anil said...

Pranay...I'm speechless...this is so absolutely beautiful...your imagery just took my breath away. Esp loved the lines abt the deer, dew and river!

22 November, 2004 18:58  
Blogger raindanseuse said...

Pranay, this poem is truly fantastic. I'm tempted to reproduce all the little bits of it in my comment, but I'll refrain. What it says to me is that nothing is as it seems or everything, however mundane, has a depth that is not often obvious.

24 November, 2004 00:58  

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