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22 November, 2004

Chat Window: A drop of sky 14th December 2002, 18:36:41 IST

restless : u there?
restless : r u?
restless : < ding >
restless : whr r u?
neon memory : sorry sorry with sending some mails off...u ok 2day?
restless : so much work? U hardly have time these days! n see…it’s been raining here since dawn...pouring…
neon memory : ? ?...why?
restless : there was a storm here…just b4 sunrise…and since’s just been pouring...all over the place…books, my records...the cushions I keep in the corner of the blue room...everywhere...
neon memory : hmmmn
neon memory : why do u? u know...right? U sure know. I have no options open right now. U know.
restless : yep. I do. makes it worse.
neon memory : I don’t know what to say here. May be someday…u wont feel so bad over the nothingness we have here/?
restless : haha...see ...just these few words brings back the sun ...I can almost feel the warm slices of the sun pour over me…soft and light orange in colour…
neon memory : hmmmn
restless : ok…see u then...i just came to find my sun here…had lost it to the storm…just come once in a while and thaw the chill away...if u can...
neon memory : u will go now? So soon? U just got online, right? Just came for your sun and running away with mine in a split second ?
restless : I gave u clouds, storm, all the rain that was mine. Room full of darkness...go now...back to ur work…
neon memory : < ding >
neon memory : < ding >
neon memory : u there? u?
(Your message has not reached 'restless' as 'restless' seems to be offline)

(P.S. The way technology influences and changes language and expression fascinates me. Sharing a 'chat piece' with Caferati, hoping to receive comments and criticisms from fellow writers. )


Blogger raindanseuse said...

Tis true. Technology influences our language in a big way. I had got used to omitting the "I" at the beginning of my sentences - had to re-learn. Or perhaps haven't still! :) There are good images scattered throughout this conversation but its difficult to keep up with the flow because the entire conversation is not contextual. Maybe you could do a series of such conversations with some kinda thread.

22 November, 2004 15:42  
Blogger Arundhati said...

I agree. What I have tried here is inspired by a poem by a bengali poet. The poem however had like a snippet of conversation he hears between two people as the train he is sitting in passes a station and then there are images one creates in one's head about what could have been. The lack of context is intended. I wanted to see if suppose u caught this piece on an open chat window how owuld u visualise the story behind the scenes? But thanks. I will try a series as well.

22 November, 2004 16:01  

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