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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

21 November, 2004

First Light

It was night and the lights were flashing, long streaks of them, white and bright. The air was still but not heavy. There were people around, curious and concerned. They were standing in groups, their collective whispers a pleasant background hum, faces lit up like old paintings in the intermittent light. Dull yellow tape marked off the inner from the outer. Bored faces on the inside going through the formalities. Their actions familiar yet unfeeling. Their clipboards and pens glinting under the flashing bulbs, the chalk lines flowing together to form an unknown constellation of connected paraphernalia.

In the center, the body of the woman, oblivious to all the sudden entropy. Her arms splayed wide open on either side, pointing to some lost direction. Her eyes open to the stars, taking in the empty splendor of the wheeling heavens above.

(part of an eventual trilogy of short pieces loosely based on the themes of light and death)


Blogger manisha lakhe said...

wow...that is brilliantly painted...more,more!
i read it aloud...savoring each bit...
collective whispers...chalk lines flowing...absolutely brill! thank you!

22 November, 2004 06:24  
Blogger Anil said...

Manisha: Thank you so much...I hope you will like the rest in the same way!

22 November, 2004 18:06  

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