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01 December, 2004

Call me Captain Morpheus

When i was younger
and lived in comic books,
i fantasised about
super strength,
X-ray vision,
wall-climbing abilities,
being able to fly.

Now, i want this super power:
Being able to fall asleep
when i close my eyes.



Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

Spoke for me too, old boy! And Captain Morpheus was lovely...

01 December, 2004 07:13  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Hi Pete

You spoke for me too, the only
difference being, I used to be
really high on Phantom all along
-and let me warn you it is not
only light eyelids that refuse to
close...a host of other problems
are waiting in the wings.
God help you, comic book hero worshipper.
Growing old is no fun, mate.

cheers !

01 December, 2004 10:05  
Blogger Sagar said...

Greetings, Captain Morpheus!

'tis difficult to sleep after battling Brainiac and a hundred killer robots..never heard of a cartoon hero getting a good night's sleep ;-)

But where have all the Dragons gone? Where is the princess on her milk white mare, enchanting the forest with her smile? Where is the babbling brook that sings? Where is the sunlit glade with a floor of fern? Where can one hear the trees whisper? Where is the lullby of the lusty cricket? Where are the mist covered mountains? Where are caves with moss covered stones? Where can I see fog melting into the sunbeam? Where did the Centaurs go? Will the trees talk again? Who destroyed the yellow brick road? Where have the little people vanished?

Please, oh please..where is the Glory Road?

01 December, 2004 19:22  

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