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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

28 March, 2005


If hearts were fairer
You wouldn’t tell me
To walk bare-footed upon the sand
Where buried rocks
Sever soles of my
Beating nub’s footsteps
For once when I
Was brimming dare
To nest my hand in yours
You showed me stars
Then in a flick
I blinked and you were gone

Lessons taught
Remain unlearnt
As still I yearn to cross
The wobbly bridge
That buttons up
An ever-widening chasm of trust
My feet are sore
For healing salve
To bring them up and about
For then once more
They do aspire
To walk bare-footed upon the sand



Blogger livinghigh said...

a beautiful testing ground for bare feet ;-)

28 March, 2005 11:55  

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