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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

05 April, 2005

An Ode To Mumbai

The falsified hopes rising like kites
the sweaty sogginess of Mumbai clothes
the thicklidded lethargy creaking one's bones
the endless journey to constantly shifting targets
the transitory pleasures of money in sweaty palms
the cheating hopes turning old men into youth
the cheating hopes of young girls turning callous
the cheating hopes of massive humanity on the move
the puppy love parading as if in a directionless play
the lusty games of the affluent
the life-crushing breaches of promise
the omnipresent casting couch and hidden webcams
the fluffy hopes growing inside one like unwanted embryos
the minute by minute abortion of blood sweat and tears
the mad rush to the station to see the platform move
the mad rush back to get sardined into one dimension
the ubiquitous TV and cinema blaring out untruths, dishing out yet more glorious dreams whilst the edge of the life gets frayed a little more

the final kick : collapse in bed and give up.
The dreamless sleep.....

(c) Max Babi April 2005



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