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29 March, 2005

Calling playwrights

This is an edited version of two emails from Shernaz Patel of Rage productions. Do feel free to pass it around.

After the overwhelming success of Writers Bloc 2004, we are launching the next series, beginning with a workshop for new writers later this year.

This residential workshop will be held just outside Mumbai, by teachers and practitioners from the UK, in conjunction with the Royal Court Theatre, London.

The Royal Court is the home for new writing in the UK and the training they impart is really excetional. It really is an opportunity of a lifetime and we are hoping to make this a continuing programme for emerging writers from all corners of India.

There is no language restriction. If the script is in a regional language, then they will need to submit an English translation and will have to be able to speak basic English to communicate during the workshop.

The writers will have to submit their material (one-act plays, full-length ones, monologues, at least one script) by June 5th to to Shernaz Patel, Rage Productions, 140 Andheri Industrial Estate, Off Veera Desai Road, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400 053. The final selection will be done in the UK.

If the writer gets chosen, they will go through the workshop process and if that goes well, their play will be performed and premiered in the Writers' Bloc festival in April 2006.

There are no fees for the workshop, but if they are coming from other cities they will have to handle their travel themselves.

If you know of any writer who is keen and interested, who wishes to go through a formal training programme, who you feel has the potential, please do get them to contact me on +91 98205 03919 or letsrage AT hotmail DOT com.

Please do spare a little time to help me as I am keen to find writers who have the potential, but have not had the opportunity. Also if you know of any theatre publications or places where I can put up posters or an e-mail site where I can put in a notice, do please let me know.

Thanks a ton,

Shernaz Patel