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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

11 April, 2005


Whoever you are, you can’t be important
for you’re not there in my phone book.
But I apparently grace your own book,
and that’s an ominous portent.

If at some time our paths have crossed
that memory’s gone with your number:
much has happened, much to encumber
a mind that’s all but lost.

So spare me these silly games at night,
these teasers to keep me guessing:
Monday looms large and oppressing -
I have to be up and bright!



Blogger livinghigh said...

the monday morning thing was a delicious touch! ;-)

11 April, 2005 11:17  
Blogger annie said...

at the risk of repetition, 'nice' is all i can say

11 April, 2005 17:43  

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