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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

30 June, 2005

monsoon fever (haiku)

Fevered breath melts frozen ice.
Hallucinates love,
Till the rains wash away dreams

Raging heat rapes dry body.
I thirst, shiver, cry...
Wait for the first blessed drop



Blogger Dan Husain said...

The first one reads beautifully Richa. The second one reads nice but is predictable. :-)

30 June, 2005 23:03  
Blogger Ishqa said...

You're right, you know, Dan. The second one is clichéd and predictable. I wish I could say my life was not... Maybe I should write something chockfull of clichés - which are trite but true... sounds like fun :-)

01 July, 2005 09:26  

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