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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

28 June, 2005

A Poet's Dilemma finally I am here. I mulled over as to what should be my first post here and I thought it is best to begin with a poem that shares its creation jointly with Peter. :-)

A Poet's Dilemma

Drunken metaphors
Cavorting to strange rhythms,
Hauling sackfuls
Of allegory and cliché
Pilfered from a Bedouin’s caravan,
Spice-laden, my words,
But their aroma
is lost to a critic's blocked nose.

© Dan Husain
March 30, 2005



Blogger Pragya said...

Remember this! Good one Dan!


28 June, 2005 21:53  
Blogger a from l said...

Very good - really enjoyed this.


29 June, 2005 14:12  
Blogger midinmid said...

Lovely. Ironically, a critic's nose is critically blocked.

29 June, 2005 19:46  

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