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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

24 June, 2005

seashells of desire

a splotch of colour on the beach
desire comes to me like seashells -
i run and pick them up
digging with cold hands
in the sand. they dry in the air
glinting iridiscent. they
drip sand in my pockets,
and back home, i shelve them
beside the unfulfilled taj mahal
that never found a light for its marble soul

i wonder what currency it is
that makes me hoard desire.

some day when the sky is gray
i look over them. the patina
has blotted in dull wrinkles;
i wonder on what ridge
on what convoluted surface
lie hidden the many selves
of my yesterdays.

there's still a speck of sand
on it. still it grits on the skin.

when I am gone
the well-wishers will arrive
the moment of death laid bare
a meaning will be constructed
for a life half-lived. and then
one by one these trinkets
will be swept away, crushed underfoot

that which was never dust
will return to dust.



Blogger manisha lakhe said...

besh! am stuck at the idea of hoarded shall savor slowly. meanwhile:

hoping i can steal
his laughter, to add to
my hoarded desires.

25 June, 2005 21:59  

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