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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

24 June, 2005

Baadal / Rain

jo kabhi kaale
kabhi safed lage
aasmaan par
idhar udharr bikhre hue

hawaa lage
kabhi garm
kabhi thandi
khele mere behke hue kurte sang

barasti hui barkhaa ki narm boondein
dharti ki sookhi sej par bikharti hain

khud ko mitaa de mitti ki aagosh me
jeevan ka rass phir bhi us me daal jaye

pairon talle chale mastaani nadiyaan
dhul jaayen basti ki adhuri galliyaan

jaanti hoon ye kuch hi palon ki hai khushi
phir bhi is ki ummeed pe chalti hai zindagiā€¦

(by Juno)

That is Delhi Rains.

Now for some Mumbai Rains:

Some grey quilt,
moist with winds of Arabia,
pulled over,
a teasing conspiracy,
of a lover,
caressing her,
as he slowly

flow off into the ocean
washing discarded
thrown away after,
abusing it in the heat.
Skin clean now.
of dust and grit.

On one side
a simple warmth of
that cutting chai
and on the other side
a black plastic sheet,
around the family,
which holds fort under
a gnarled banyan tree.

Romantic rains
of yester years
And a sarcastic laugh
of today.

Rains have not changed.
I have.

Rain, rain again.
And wash away
All those leftovers.
Desires and dreams.

Until I once again
Crave for the sun,
you so ruthlessly



Blogger junoesque said...

this is such a lovely surprise.
as lovely as the fragrance of dry earth..soaking in the droplets of the first rain showers...

thank you !


24 June, 2005 12:44  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Juno and Sunil,
Its nice to see a Hindi poem juxtaposed beautifully with one in English. So Caferati is sheeding its pucca brown sahib pretensions? Polyglots were being directed to AKN for long. This very heartening... nice poems both -they capture the essence of Rain as such. More power to your pens!

26 June, 2005 09:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An amazing jugalbandi if there ever was on on this topic. So beautiful. Capturing the essence of both the rains. Taking me personally back in time to both cities ( have spent many a growing up monsoon in Bombay and many an adult monsoon in Delhi). As Sunil says, " the rains have not changed ( maybe) I have "

27 June, 2005 12:13  

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