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21 June, 2005

Grandfather's letter to my father!

I recently went through some old papers of my dad and discovered a letter written him by my grandfather. It was written with a fountain pen (one of those old ones that could write in cursive letters).

The letter began, 'My dear son,' and the rest was in Malayalam which I could hardly decipher. That I discovered it around 'Father's Day' makes all the difference to me.

I showed it to my son and he said, 'Great grandfather used to write letters to grandfather?' This was before cell phones were even imagined. Possibly the subject of my next story!


Blogger Indian Lawyer said...

Hi John,

I was just flicking through Blogger's Next Blog button when I bumped into your blog. It caught my attention and I loved it. You have the gift of prose...All the best!

Adv.Ranjith Xavier

22 June, 2005 23:46  

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