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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

11 June, 2005

Search in Vain

I roam the streets
and the nooks and crannies

I search in vain
for that elusive muse

that dare-devil spirit
that will defy me to be

to shed the veneer
i coat myself in

to bare those claws
i clothe in velvet

i hop onto transports
that swallow me whole

i peer into space without
a thought blotting my mindscape

is that a snot-nosed traveller?
does he deserve to live?

look at him preening away
at the married classifieds

the gelled-in hair follicles
keeping pace with his adam's apple

and the lovers cuddling,
coo-ing there in the corner

how dare they!!

here i wander
in the search of a muse

and there they stand,
defiant of all suffering,

immortal for that moment,
on a plane above existence.

Who will bell the cat?
who will burst their bubble?

return them to terra firma.
when did they get so elitist?

see me standing down here,
waving my arms frantically.

the magic carpet i booked
is long overdue.

i'm stewing in the heat
and it doesn't seem to abate.

where is my muse??
a salve to these miserable days

have you seen her?




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