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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

24 June, 2005

no room

wish i had the luxury
that salt has,
it melts completely
in the rain.

wish i had the privilege
that oaks have,
standing tall
before falling to the storm.

wish i had the vanity
the winds have,
they never return
when doors are barred.

wish i had the foolishness
of the deer,
it attempts to flee
certain death.

but after surrendering
to love, my love,
where is the room, any room,
for pride?



Blogger khuto said...

hiding in the cracks
left behind by saltwater
it is pride that comes at night
and makes you write.

when the oak has crashed
and the dead wind silenced
still it lights the light
that makes you write

when the eyes have gone dry
and the heart wringed shut
it peeps back into sight
and makes you write.

and again when the soul feels airy
and the eyes sparkle with glee
pride declines to fight
but it makes you write.

24 June, 2005 18:37  
Blogger Max Babi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

26 June, 2005 09:53  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Take away the pride element from Manisha, and she flops into a rag doll.

Take away the taut looks, the piercing gaze, and Manisha becomes a mere mannequin.

Take away the those galvanizing yet-to-be-born whiplash comments, and Manisha struggles with kindgarten alphabet.

Cup your hands around the tiny flame of pride Manisha, the winds of vanity will blow ever harder....


26 June, 2005 09:54  
Blogger Asmita said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

27 June, 2005 11:10  
Blogger Asmita said...

I hope you never have the luxury.
May the privilege be withdrawn too
Vanity decides to leave your life forever
For its time for you to step out of Manisha's shadow

27 June, 2005 11:18  

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