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coffee and pen

04 August, 2005

All about the Gherkin

A first here.. :)

You look over
staircases of blue shield
windows and tube

And scared hearts
beat in pin-splah-drop
silence, if this

Maybe the last. A forest
inside you, with
summer flowers and

If sweaty dreams of
the other half that
is sleeping in transit

Of the Earth, and all
changing relationships,
Except the one that
we have with our

And a big delicious
ugly building.


Blogger manisha lakhe said...

the gherkin has a brother in barcelona...and both may look odd, but are marvelous by design, allowing so much light within the building unlike the usual designs we have to live with. i wish we had spaces designed to be like the kiasma museum in helsinki or the new tokyo tower city that is in the planning stage...and since you seem to know london, try and get into one of the wharf lofts, you'd be, like me, green with envy forever!

08 August, 2005 16:50  
Blogger manisha lakhe said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

08 August, 2005 16:51  

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