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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

13 August, 2005

come to my town

come to my town, my friend
the breeze is turning wind
come to my town , my friend
while the rains still remain wild

come to my town, my friend
for the turtles have gone to nest
the salt still stings the mind
and the seas are their furious best

come while the tides still drown you
come while the self still eludes
come to my town, my friend
and bury your troubles in the sand

come to my town my friend
the corals still remain to be seen
the dolphins spoil for an audience
and the volcano is still alive

come to my town, my friend
come, for we too live there

for all our friends, from rats and vij



Blogger John said...

Hi Rats and Vijay,

Simple, yet lucid. Nice to see your contribution.


15 August, 2005 16:58  
Blogger Max Babi said...

I shall surely come to your little town / and erase from my forehead every frown / bury my worried head in the warm sand / whilst you keep holding my hand ....

cheerz! Rats and Vij, do not vanish.

16 August, 2005 09:01  

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