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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

16 September, 2005

the poet as a lover...

these trickling drops of rain
that traverse from your eyes to your lips
and then break into a surreal flame
urge me like a moth to hum paeans
and perish at the threshold of our kiss


© Dan Husain
September 8, 2005



Blogger khuto said...

hi.. leaves you with the sense
of the insect immolating on the
flame- but
the metaphor of rain trickling is
somewhat in conflict with the
flame. wonder if you struggled
with this too...

16 September, 2005 15:18  
Blogger Dan Husain said...

I see no conflict Prof. The rain drops become so tantalizing by the time they reach the beloved's lips that all one wishes is to emulate the shama-parwaana tale. :-)


17 September, 2005 08:00  
Blogger Daniel Heath said...

I think you get five dollars just for using the plural of "paean" and getting away with it.

17 September, 2005 12:55  
Anonymous jammy said...

how many more Blogs with "Coffee" as the central idea...

17 September, 2005 23:18  

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