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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

12 November, 2005

clapping words together

"as much as a page filled with dreamy words."
she said, she could read me, through and through.
said, my hair rough and dry, read like a derailed train,
going swiftly towards neverland.
words which spell visions, which need not be seen,
a garden with white grass,
a turbine which loves to move,
here nothing leads to nothing.
hiding behind a wall
I am too tall, too small
starting a five minute relay atop a cube of ice,
lies which sound natural,
people with nothing to shop
nothing to wish
walking empty on the streets, tasting the wind again.



Blogger Fallen_angel said...

Hey there !
i was just lookin arround and came accros ur blog.

GOOD Wrok. i lyke the way u've written things here. i guess it would take couple of days for me to finish reading ur blog and all the archives.

by the way
its Pr3m.
i just started my blog.
have a great day.

15 November, 2005 01:18  

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